You are paying for a service, not a product. Fees include the preparation,
 encapsulation of your placenta (with nothing else added),
packaging, written instructions for storage and handling, and guidelines for
taking your capsules, and an umbilical cord keepsake.

· Payment is due in FULL at contract signing.

· If you choose to terminate this contract at any time prior to the
placenta being collected, the 50% retainer remains non-refundable,
however other fees paid will be returned within 90 days. This includes in the event
of unforeseen circumstances that inhibit your placenta from being
able to be prepared and consumed such as an infection during
labour, or your placenta is required to be taken in full to pathology.
Or in the event that your placenta is unable to be consumed due
to inadequate storage/cooling or not adhering to the information
on the booking form and confirmation email regarding your

· If you choose to terminate this contract, you have paid in full, your
placenta has been collected and preparation has NOT begun, 50%
of your fee (minus collection/delivery fee) will be refunded. This
stands even if you choose not to take the finished remedies.

· There will be NO refund and payment will be due in full once
preparation has begun, even if you choose not to take delivery of the
finished capsules, or you choose not to consume them.

· If you cancel your booking after collection/delivery of your placenta,
your placenta will be required to be collected from me for your
disposal. And 50% will be refunded.